Press Releases 2017


 July 17, 2017
Consultant Recruitment

In search of female consultants through the new series: “N-JOIN”
Schering Partner is to run a workshop designed especially for female graduates and students.

The one-day events focus on careers for consultants in various sectors. They are designed to be informative and interactive to enable participants to:


  • Find out about specific career paths and options
  • Explore the skills and competencies required to succeed in a particular sector
  • Network with people who work in the sector to find out what it’s really like, and how to successfully succeed.

The Consultant Recruitment Program runs through to November 2017. To apply for participation contact Human Resources: hr[a]

June 2, 2017
Schering Partner Healthcare Report

The healthcare sector is the biggest segment of the European economy. Schering Partner study reveals the details of the sector and its potential for performance related growth. For more information contact healthcare[a]

May 22 10, 2017
New Recruiting Workshop: “GO2017”

The GO2017 open day offers 8 students an experience into the life of an international strategy consultant. The chosen ones will join a consulting project team for three days in April. To apply for participation contact Human Resources: hr[a]

April 29, 2017
Chinese JV

Schering Partner (SP), the leading IT and consulting organisation, and its Chinese partners, supported by the National Development and Reforms Commission (NDRC), today announced the inauguration of Schering Partner (China) at its new premises at the state-of-the-art Z-Park in Beijing.

Schering Partner also announced today that it has won a significant multi-million dollar contract to advise on a comprehensive international trading system for China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS).

The inauguration ceremony, attended by Chinese government officials, members of the SP leadership team, signals the official launch of a new collaboration. Schering Partner China is only one of its kind JV in China and is being supported by NDRC.

“Schering Partner has successfully completed ten years in China and the new JV is the next step in our long journey in China,” said Rolf Schneider, CEO and MD of Schering Partner. “The JV will help to create a large scale global offshoring base in China and domestic business of increasing scale. We look forward to working closely with our Chinese partners, supported by the National Development and Reforms Commission to meet the expectations of our shareholders and customers,” he added. For more information contact comms[a]

March 17, 2017
Schering Partner Research Center Marks 15th Anniversary

On January 16 the Schering Partner Research Center (SPRC) marked the 15th anniversary of its dedication. On that date in 2001, several hundred small business owners, business advisors and administrators gathered to usher in a new era in North American Business research. For more information contact comms[a]

March 7, 2017 Schering Partner Co-hosts International Business Symposium in Bangalore

Under the topic “How do Germany and India master the challenges of global competition?” Business and media personalities from the German and Indian business worlds recall their experience of globalization. For more information contact comms[a]